3 Reasons To Pay For WordPress Web Hosting

3 Reasons To Pay For WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress has long been a site that offers free hosting for blogs and other types of sites through the platform. However, there are top third-party hosting sites that offer WordPress web hosting for a very modest rate on a monthly basis.

Some people may assume that the free version of WordPress is all that is needed. For bloggers with a limited following or people with personal websites, this is often the best option. However, for companies or businesses wanting more than just the basics, the paid 3 WordPress web hosting from a top provider is well worth the small monthly charge.

Concierge Service

It is helpful to think of WordPress hosting as a concierge service. In other words, you can pick and choose what you need the service to provide. Unlike the free WordPress hosting, which is completely do-it-yourself with some support provided through forums or help systems, the third-party services offer full tech support.

Of course, as with all hosting services, what the tech support is will differ. Shop around and compare the levels of tech support, the times and the ability to get the issue resolved at any time of the night or day if having the website up and running is important to your business.

These services are experts on the WordPress platform. They are aware of the different issues with the site and can quickly and easily provide options to deal with the issue or challenges you may be encountering.

Faster Website

With a third-party WordPress web hosting service, website media and features will load much faster. There are no peak period slowdowns or any issues when multiple users are on the site.

This is increasingly important as a business develops and grows a customer base. Slow loading pages, system crashes and media that fails can all be an issue that leads to lower conversion rates, but it is something that can be avoided with a top web hosting service.

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