Three Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Garage Doors in Edinburgh

by | Sep 29, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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Keeping your business safe and secure is likely to be a main priority for you. Another main priority will be the way your business looks from an outsider’s perspective. No matter what industry your company specialises in, garage doors in Edinburgh will come in handy for protecting valuable equipment, tools and vehicles. Timber, plastic, glass fibre and galvanised steel are a few popular choices for the construction of garage doors. Whatever type of door you choose, you can experience the following benefits from the moment they are fitted.

Better Control

Is your business property connected to the garage? If so, it is absolutely essential that you invest in garage doors in Edinburgh with a secure built-in locking system. Unless the garage door is locked, intruders could enter your premises and commit a robbery or cause a safety threat to the people inside. Most garage doors can be opened and closed with the touch of a button. When the remote control is pointed in the direction of the garage sensor, the open and close mechanism will be operated, allowing for easy access.

Protection from Weather

It’s no secret that the United Kingdom is faced with a lot of rainfall. In fact, the year 2012 saw an annual rainfall total of 1331mm! Unless you get quality garage doors fitted, the contents of the garage may be susceptible to damage and moisture issues. Whether you get an up-and-over door installed or a hinged door, you can be sure that the seal will prevent moisture from entering the garage. A weather-tight seal will also reduce drafts and keep heat inside, which means that you can expect your energy bills to drop once the garage doors have been fitted.

Additional Office Space

You don’t have to just use the garage for storage space, because when garage doors in Edinburgh are installed, extra privacy can be enjoyed. This means that you can transform a simple space into an office, workshop or reception area. A garage addition will offer an ideal solution if you are struggling with limited space and with such a wide variety of finishes, colours and materials to choose from, you won’t have trouble giving the space a professional touch. Should you have certain expectations in mind, work with a company that offers tailored services.

Whatever your needs when it comes to getting garage doors in Edinburgh fitted, Alpha Doors & Shutters Ltd. guarantee high quality workmanship. Visit for more information.


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