5 Reasons to Have a Bowling Birthday Party

by | Sep 29, 2014 | Shopping

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The birthday boy or girl can be three or 30, but the fun of a bowling birthday party transcends age. There’s something festive about the sounds of clashing pins and the cheers afterwards. When coupled with the birthday celebrant’s favorite cake and a host of bowling décor to enhance the theme, the end result is a party that leaves everyone feeling like they’ve made a lucky strike.

1. Have a No Clean-up Party at the Bowling Alley

No one enjoys the after-after party: the clean-up. When you throw a bowling birthday party at your local bowling alley, their staff is usually responsible for cleaning up your station. You and your guests should always be courteous and keep the station tidy, but it is much easier than cleaning bowling decorations in the entire house.

2. A Bowling Birthday Party is a Hit at Any Age

Do you remember the first time you felt the euphoria of hitting a strike? Imagine combining that feeling with the ambience of your friends and family. It’s no wonder that you can enjoy a bowling party, even as an adult.

3. Parties Have a Set Start and Ending Time

Since you have to reserve the lane or party space for a set amount of time, you relieve yourself of the burden of asking people to leave your house when the party is finished. Your guests, also, can plan their day around the times of the party. Bowling birthday parties are a convenient way to budget time for everyone involved.

4. Food Planning is Easy: Finger Foods!

No one wants to sit down and eat foods that require a knife and fork. Some bowling alleys have separate rooms to house birthday parties, but many also just offer some side tables to support drinks and finger foods. You can enjoy the convenience of supplying affordable foods that everyone will enjoy like veggie trays, pizza, wings, or small sandwiches.

5. Bowling Parties are an Easy Theme to Decorate for

If your child decides to have a princess house birthday parties, you have to visit party stores, clothing stores, and make a few phone calls to character agencies to find a “real princess” to come visit. If your child wants to have a dinosaur party, short of themed plates, cups, and wall décor, you may have difficulty organizing the rest of the decorations. With a bowling birthday party, the entire bowling alley is already part of the theme, and with bowling decorations like table clothes, shirts, and medals, it will be the easiest party you have ever planned.

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