Three Tips for Choosing Custom Ink in San Diego, CA


Choosing a tattoo can seem like a daunting task. People often want to get one, but have no idea where to begin choosing the best one for them. Custom Ink in San Diego CA, needs to be chosen wisely. These three tips for choosing custom ink can help.

Choose Something Meaningful

While some may want a fun, last-minute tattoo, it’s not often the smartest way to go. Choosing something meaningful that people won’t mind keeping on their bodies forever is the better option. That’s not to say people still can’t choose something fun and unique, but they will want to take their time and think about it first before just getting a tattoo on a whim.

Discuss the Design with the Artist

One of the best ways to get custom ink is to discuss the design first with the artist. If the individual has something in mind, they can talk to a tattoo artist and see if they’ll draw it out for them. Once they see it drawn out, they may have different ideas of how they want it. This allows them to see the designs beforehand and make any changes before being permanently put on their bodies. It also allows the artist to see the piece in advance so they are more familiar with the design before beginning the tattooing process.

Pick the Best Location

Just because someone has a great design in mind doesn’t mean it will look great anywhere they put it. The placement of the tattoo will play a major role in just how good it looks. If a large tattoo is placed on a smaller area of the body, for example, it will wrap around and look stretched. It needs a larger location allowing it to be seen fully.

Custom Ink in San Diego CA, can look great as long as it’s done right. Anyone looking for a tattoo needs to first think it through and choose something they won’t regret later, discuss the design with the artist so both know what to expect, and pick a location on their body where the design fits. With these three tips in mind, anyone should come out with a custom tattoo that is all their own. Funhouse Tattoo of San Diego CA provides custom ink that people will have fun choosing.

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