Improv Comedy Club-What’s The Story?


If you are a fan of comedy than you know what an improv comedy club has to offer, but you may not know about the long history behind improv.  Improv theater has long roots in Chicago. As a matter of fact, Chicago is credited with being the modern seat of improvisational comedy in the US.  It is the art of “creating as you go”. It has two forms. The long form and the short form. One of the best things about visiting an improv comedy club, such as The Second City, is that you really never know what is going to happen. Improv or improvisational comedy relies on the comedian to come up with material as they are performing. Nothing is scripted. It is an exciting form of comedic impression. Anyone that follows improv will recognize the name Viola Spolin who is credited with bringing modern improv comedy to the stage in the US.  The Compass Players in Chicago is the first recognized/organized American troupe of comedic improv players which were directly influenced by Viola Spolin.

There is so much more to improv than there is to other forms of comedy. The talent has to be on point and there is a real recipe to brining it all together WITHOUT planning.  Even if you are the rare bird that does not find too many things funny you will appreciate the art of it all.  Improv has a long history in Chicago so if you are in Chicago you have to check out an improv comedy club.

The Best Improv Comedy Club

If you want to visit one of the best improv comedy clubs, why not go to the source? You may have been to a few clubs but if you have not visited The Second City, then you have not been to the source. To experience the true roots, you have to get to the source. Here is what you can expect at the best improv club:

* Professional acts
* Unexpected performances
* Laughter

If you are a fan of comedy (or even if you are not) visiting one of the historic comedy clubs in Chicago should be on your “bucket list”. You can see professional acts that have finely tuned timing that provide unexpected performances. You will have plenty of reason to laugh until your sides hurt. Comedy makes everything better, experiencing it in a place where it all got started will be a memorable event.

The Second City is The home of improv in the US. It is The legendary improv comedy club.

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