Three Procedures Conducted At A Dental Clinic In Eagan MN By A General Dentist


Every person should routinely visit a general dentist so they can enjoy good oral health. General dentists who work at a Dental Clinic in Eagan MN perform various dental procedures to help their patients have healthy teeth and to treat dental problems. Read the information below to learn about some of the most common procedures that general dentists often perform on their patients.

Dental Fillings

When an adult or a child has a cavity in one of their teeth, the nerves inside the pulp of the tooth can cause an individual to experience pain. To stop the pain and to save the tooth from additional damage, a general dentist can place a dental filling in the cavity of the tooth. This procedure isn’t painful because the dentist numbs the area around the painful tooth before beginning the procedure.

Root Canals

When the tooth’s pulp is affected because of decay, it causes inflammation in the portion of the tooth where the nerves are located. This type of tooth problem is almost always painful, and it’s not uncommon for the tooth to also become infected. When this occurs, a general dentist will have to perform a root canal procedure to clean out the infected and decayed portion of the tooth. When the pulp is cleaned out, the dentist fills the inside of the tooth with a special flexible material.

Tooth Extractions

Sometimes, it’s necessary for a dentist to extract a person’s tooth if it’s beyond repair and cannot be saved. A general dentist numbs the portion of the gums around the tooth that needs to be extracted. The dentist then uses a special dental instrument to extract the tooth from the socket. Patients also go to a Dental Clinic in Eagan MN when they need a tooth pulled out because of an accident or trauma to the tooth.

Individuals who need the services of a general dentist can visit Dakota Dental & Implant Center for various dental procedures. This clinic also specializes in cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and dental implants. Browse the website to discover more information about their personalized services and to contact the office.

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