Eliminate Leaks and Clogs With Quality Residential Plumbing in Michigan


A leak in the pipes can result in massive damage to the home. For instance, that small drip of water under the kitchen or bathroom sink can soak into the cabinets, walls and floors. The accumulation of moisture allows the wood to rot and causes drywall to swell, crack and crumble. The solution is to contact an expert in Residential Plumbing in Michigan and fix the leak before it becomes a major problem. However, there are times when a leak isn’t easily visible. This can happen when the pipes have pinholes or a damaged gasket. In these cases, the water may seep out and run along the piping. Another area where a leak can occur is the drain pipes. A loose pipe trap or other connection can allow waste water to seep through.

A leak can also occur inside the walls or under the floors. These kinds of hidden leaks are harder to notice, but they may leave indicators such as moist spots on the floor or walls. Hidden leaks can end up costing the property owner a lot of money because the constant drip can quickly add up. If the water bill is getting expensive, then this could be the reason. Another possibility is worn toilet components. A contractor skilled in Residential Plumbing in Michigan can examine the fixture and quickly determine if the flapper valve has degraded or the inlet valve is sticking. The repair is fairly simple, replace the components inside the tank. However, the plumber will also need to clear out any debris in the storage area so the flapper seats properly. Debris can come from hard water deposits or rust from any iron or steel components.

Another reason to consider a professional plumber is clogged drains. Drains clog for a variety of reasons such as a blockage in the pipe traps, but removing the clog could require more skill than the average property owner possesses. For example, to eliminate a major clog in the main sewer line requires the use of a rooter and the ability to determine that the clog is actually gone and not just allowing water to flow past it. A plumber can handle this task with a video system that examines the pipes and a hydro-jet tool for cleaning away major blockages. Get more information about plumbing repairs from the experts at Whitney Electric and Plumbing.

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