Three General Dentistry Procedures You Can Expect From A Dental Clinic In Eagan, MN

Three General Dentistry Procedures You Can Expect From A Dental Clinic In Eagan, MN

Dentists who perform general dentistry provide a variety of services for individuals in all age groups. When you visit a Dental Clinic in Eagan MN, you’ll be able to get any type of general dentistry treatment that you need to maintain good oral health. Below, you’ll find out about three popular general dentistry services that are regularly performed by a dentist.

Teeth X-rays

When patients have a routine dental examination, the dentist often requests that x-rays be taken of the teeth. By looking at the x-rays, a dentist can see any tooth problems that exist below the gumline. An x-ray is also recommended before a dentist extracts a tooth to determine the length and placement of the tooth’s root. Taking x-rays of the entire mouth also shows the dentist if there is any decay between the teeth or underneath a filling.

Dental Fillings

When plaque eats away at a tooth, it causes a hole, or cavity, to form in the tooth. If a dentist doesn’t fill the cavity, it will continue to grow, and it often becomes painful. There are various types of filling materials that a dentist often uses to fill a tooth. Amalgam is made of various metals including silver, zinc, and copper, and the color of this filling material is silver. Composite fillings are created from a plastic substance, and they match the color of the tooth. Other types of substances used to fill a tooth include ceramic, glass ionomers, and gold.

Tooth Extractions

Individuals who have a tooth that cannot be saved because it’s severely decayed can visit a Dental Clinic in Eagan MN and have the dentist extract the tooth. Dentists take out wisdom teeth if they become painful for patients. A dentist also extracts teeth from patients before they get dental implants or dentures.

When you need general dentistry services performed to improve your oral health, contact Dakota Dental & Implant Center. Popular types of general dentistry services performed at this office include fillings, tooth extractions, and dental x-rays. Browse the website to learn about the practice and to take a look at the photo gallery of their dental work.

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