Is Trenchless Sewer Repair The Best Option?

Is Trenchless Sewer Repair The Best Option?

What are some of the common problems that necessitate sewer line repair?

One of the most common problems is a cracked or broken pipe. This might be caused by frozen or shifting ground that no longer supports the pipe. An old pipe may become corroded and crack or rupture.

Another type of problem is an obstruction that keeps water and sewage from flowing. A buildup of grease could narrow a pipe to the point that the flow backs up. There might be a foreign object or roots in the sewer line that obstruct movement. Also, if a pipe becomes warped due to shifting ground, it may develop low spots where solid material can collect, reducing or blocking flow.

Additionally, the seals that join pipes in a sewer line may weaken and begin to leak.

What are the options for sewer line repair?

The traditional method of repairing or replacing a sewer pipe involves digging a trench to expose the pipe and make it accessible. Typically a backhoe is used to do the digging and to replace the soil when the repair is completed. This is an expensive option that can be destructive to property; however, it may be the only option offered, depending on the nature of the repair.

Another method is trenchless sewer repair. To do this type of repair, the plumber will only dig at the entrance and exit points of the pipe that needs repair instead of a trench exposing a large section of pipe. He or she will then replace the old pipe through either pipe lining or pipe bursting.

A pipe liner is a made of a flexible material that is pulled through the old pipe and inflated. The inflated pipe then becomes rigid, forming a new pipe inside the old one.

Pipe bursting involves pulling a new pipe through the old one and causing the old pipe to break apart and disintegrate. Either one of these methods is much less costly and disruptive than traditional repair.

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