Things You Need To Know About Child Custody In Illinois

Things You Need To Know About Child Custody In Illinois

One term that is bandied about when it comes to a separation or divorce is custody. During such instances, a parent will seek to have custody over his or her child or children. Custody is a legal term referring to not the ownership of property but the safekeeping and protection of said property. Child custody is the legal guardianship of children. In places such as Plainfield, IL, child custody issues are something that can come down to a court mandated decision. For this, and for many matters leading up to the decision, you will require the services of a child custody attorney.

Types of Child Custody

Essentially, in Illinois, the law has in place two types of child custody. These are sole and joint custody. Each has its parameters. Each has its responsibilities and moral and legal obligations. A child custody attorney will acquaint you with the differences and the legal rights and requirements of each type.

Sole Custody:  A custodial parent who has sole custody is responsible for making the major (and even minor) decisions concerning the child. This can range from where he or she attends school to what type of health care he or she receives.

Joint Custody:  Joint custody refers to a situation where both parents share the responsibilities involved in raising a child. It is a co-operative effort and requires both parents to get along more than superficially. Under a joint custody agreement, parents jointly decide on such matters as schooling, religion, health care and other matters that affect their child. The only exception to this is a medical emergency. In such an instance, one parent alone can make the decision as to treatment.

Joint custody does not mean, however, the parents share equally the time they spend with the child. One parent, as the residential custodian, will primarily provide the child with a residence. As a result, in Plainfield, IL, the non-residential custodian is often the one who provides child support.

Whatever the type of custody you prefer or are awarded, remember, custody refers not to the amount of time a parent or guardian spends with the child, but to what is or her responsibilities are to the child under the law. In Plainfield, IL, the term custody, whether joint or sole is characteristic of the custodial person’s power to make decisions for the child. A child custody attorney is best qualified to ensure you not only understand the terminology, but also the issues involved.

Hire a Child Custody Attorney

If you in the midst of separating or a divorce, it is important to consider the practical aspects of childcare. Child custody requires a complete understanding of the legal requirements and issues. A successful child custody settlement in Plainfield, IL requires knowledge and expertise. To obtain the best guidance and support possible, you will need to contact an expert in this area – a child custody attorney.

The attorneys at Fay, Farrow & Associates, P.C. are experienced in family law. If you have any questions concerning child support, divorce and other related issues, do not hesitate to contact us. A Plainfield Child Custody Attorney  has extensive knowledge and experience in all issues that relate to this field. We will always fight for your rights. To learn more about who we are and our high quality services, visit us online at faylawfirm.com.

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