Optimize Social Media Marketing to Increase Brand Awareness


Social Media Marketing platforms are evolving, and some of the most respected advertising and public relation firms advise companies to update their strategies consistently. To set yourself up for success and future growth, it is best to let the professionals guide your social media marketing. Colorado Springs, located about 70 miles south of Denver, is home to top-notch businesses that specialize in crafting a stellar online reputation while increasing traffic flow to your website.

The Tools
With the New Year on the horizon, the time couldn’t be more ideal to transform the way your customers obtain information and services. If you have a solid marketing plan and a well-designed website, the next step is to understand the tools that drive effective social media marketing.

First is to take note of “social media optimization” – a type of viral marketing that is integral to marketing and brand building. Using a variety of different platforms rather than just Facebook or just Twitter will drive traffic to your business, increase brand awareness and something that is becoming increasingly important — engage with your customer. Many platforms are already available, and new ones are coming online consistently. Knowing how to use these platforms (or to use them at all) is important when it comes to increasing web traffic and site rankings.

A New Medium of Advertising
If you want your business to be seen online, social media marketing is a must. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, people are increasingly using Instagram, Google+, YouTube, FourSquare, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SideShare, Vine and Snapchat to disseminate information. Most marketing strategies are based on customer behavior and demographics and then aim to reach that specific audience. Using that information, these platforms also allow business owners the capability to reach consumers at every step of the decision process by targeting customers you already have, as well as those who don’t yet have any knowledge of your brand.

It is now easier than ever to disseminate both traditional and innovative forms of advertising. Best yet, by hiring a professional web design firm that also specializes in social media marketing is a value in itself and known to cost less than television, newsprint and radio advertising.

Social Media Audit Report
Now that you’ve educated yourself, it is time to see where you stand. Many web design companies offer their customers a social media audit that examines a marketing plan’s current performance and highlights its strengths and weaknesses. It will essentially assess how well your current social media works for you and provide you with an opportunity to create a process when it comes to creating new social profiles going forward.

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