The Value of Passivation Services


Stainless steel is found around the world in a variety of industries. It is used for production in factories and in homes, like in the pots and pans in your kitchen. In order to create stainless steel, procedures must take place that treat the steel. The first part of the process is pickling. This involves descaling the steel to remove debris and cleanse it.

What are these Services?

Passivation services allow the steel to be smooth rather than rough. In the raw form, steel is very rough and it can have sharp parts to it – both inside and outside. Such a form wouldn’t be safe to work with in a factory or other type of business setting. It would be too dangerous due to the risk of people being cut by those sharp elements. It could also result in debris working loose and getting into the food items often created in factories in stainless steel vats.

The amount of time it takes for the steel to be very smooth depends on the quality of the steel to begin with. It also depends on the amount of descaling that had to be done for the materials, too. If the pickling is done poorly, it will take far longer for passivation services to be completed. Professionals offering these services have a system in place where they test and evaluate the steel after each step of the process.

It won’t go to the second step until the first is done with high standards in place. Careful testing will be done after the second step to ensure there aren’t any sharp elements remaining. It doesn’t matter if the steel is for making edible items in or if it is for factory related parts that are made to go inside of machines to allow them to function.


The combination of pickling and passivation services results in the stainless steel being free from corrosion. This allows the materials to last for a very long time. Businesses and individuals can invest in them and feel confident that they won’t have to replace those items in the near future.

This two-step process helps to make stainless steel products very efficient and long lasting. They are resistant to elements around the environment that we often contend with. Many of them we can’t see including tiny particles of debris. Knowing that they won’t become an issue is an important reason why stainless steel is so often used around the world.

The finish is very smooth and pretty too, which makes it very appreciated. Business owners want their factory to look professional and clean. When you think about pots and pans for your kitchen, it is reasonable that you do want something to look nice while you use it or even when they are hanging from a rack.

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