The Simplicity of an Automatic Deer Feeder


There are many reasons to feed deer. Perhaps you enjoy watching the deer from your deck, or maybe you’re a hunter who would like to ensure that your favorite hunting spot also happens to be the deer’s favorite place to each.

Having to remember to put out food for the deer can make it more of a chore than something to enjoy. Once you’ve forgotten for a few days, your deer are likely to move on to a new feeding spot.

The simplest way to ensure your deer are always fed is with an automatic deer feeder. These simple feeders allow you to fill it once and then forget it for weeks. Many models of automatic deer feeders hold up to 1000 pounds of food.

These feeders come equipped with a timer, releasing food at the same time each day. Some also have a broadcast capability, so that the deer can feed in a large area.

Some automatic deer feeders are trough style, opening the trough at prescribed times, according to the timer. Keep in mind that this style of feeder doesn’t work as well when you’re trying to attract new deer as a broadcast feeder, but works quite well once deer are already coming to your site to feed.

Talk with your dealer about the right automatic feeder for your situation. Your dealer can give you all the pros and cons of each type, as well as let you know how long you can expect to be able to leave your feeder once you’ve filled it.

Having deer regularly approach your favorite spot to feed offers great pastime opportunity. Take advantage of all the options automatic feeders afford you so that you can enjoy the deer without having to put up with all the work.

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