3 Tips to Help You Place Box Blinds for Deer Hunting


As a deer hunter, you know that visibility is crucial to your success. Therefore, when placing box blinds for deer hunting, you should thoroughly scope out the area before deciding where to put them. Here are three tips to help you find the most favorable locations to set up your box blinds.

High Vantage Points

Although your intended hunting area may seem relatively flat when you first look at it, the land may not be as even as you think. After carefully scanning the area, you may find slight slopes throughout the field. The ideal place to put box blinds for deer hunting is at the top of these hills’ high points. The higher the ground, the better your visibility.

Active Deer Trails

Become familiar with the active deer trails in the area by setting up trail cameras. However, you cannot rely on trail cameras alone to figure out if deer have abandoned a trail. A trail with sparse vegetation and an abundance of tracks is more likely to be active. Use this information to determine where to put your box blinds for deer hunting. Ideally, you want the box blinds to be close to the deer’s entry and exit points without sacrificing your visibility, but make sure you are not situated too close to any bedding areas.

Stay Downwind

Even though box blinds for deer hunting will minimize your scent when you are inside of them, your scent is still a huge concern during your entry and exit. Map the wind with a wind floater or puffer bottle. Make sure your blinds are downwind of the deer’s travel corridors, so you do not risk spooking the surrounding wildlife.

The Importance of Placement

Choosing spots to put box blinds for deer hunting is an intricate process. However, effective blind placement can elevate your hunting success by keeping you as concealed as possible while maximizing your visibility range.

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