The Significance of Your Local SSDI Lawyers in Stevens Point, WI


In its simplest sense, Social Security Disability Insurance is a program that dispenses payments to you or your family in the event of a debilitating injury or medical manifestation, but it’s important to understand the rules for qualification in today’s day and age:

• The medical disability must last – or be expected to last – at least one year.
• The individual must be unable to operate in any of the jobs in their work history.
• There are no temporary disability benefits within the program.
• The prospective recipient must meet the requirements of the Social Security impairment listing.
• The person’s current income also plays a big role, specifically in regards to the Substantial Gainful Activity regulations.

The qualification process also takes into account the individual’s education, age, and skill set in a largely subjective manner, which is why it’s so important to hire a team of SSDI lawyers to represent your interests in front of these impersonal government agencies.

How Can a Professional Attorney Help?

The most renowned SSDI lawyers in Stevens Point, WI are able to significantly increase your chances of obtaining benefits, regardless of whether you’ve been denied in the past. So if you partner with a reputable local legal organization – such as Duncan Disability Law S.C., for instance – you’ll be gaining a valuable partner to help you fight for what you’re entitled to:

• Filing comprehensive claims to the Appeals Council
• Taking your case to the Federal level
• Facilitating court hearings and legal proceedings
• Completing all required paperwork and documentation

With a knowledgeable squad of SSDI lawyers at your disposal, you’ll be able to confidently push forth and ensure that you’re giving your family the best chance at a successful ruling.

The Success Rate

If you decide to file the claim by yourself, you’ll be left on your own to fend against the low national rate of approval, which currently stands at a paltry 35%.

However, today’s SSDI lawyers understand how these governmental bodies function and they are able to coalesce a wide range of strategies, tactics, and resources to considerably boost your likelihood of receiving benefits. As a matter of fact, the best law firms are able to tout a 67% success rate at the hearing level, and an even higher win ratio for protracted multi-appeal cases, so be sure to schedule a fee-free consultation with a local specialist as soon as possible. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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