The Process Involved With Pool Resurfacing in Suffolk County NY

The Process Involved With Pool Resurfacing in Suffolk County NY

A pool can make even the hottest summer day more enjoyable, by providing friends and family with a cool way to enjoy the sun. Other than the day to day maintenance of chemical levels, most pools are low maintenance. Over time, however, the surface of a pool may start to degrade and require Resurfacing in Suffolk County NY. Not having a pool resurfaced can lead to leaks and cause injury to those who are using the pool. Here is a quick look at the process of resurfacing a pool, and why it’s important to hire a qualified contractor to complete the job.

Draining and Preparation

Before the contractor can start with the resurfacing process, all of the water must be drained from the pool, and the surface must be prepared. Once the water is removed, they will dry the surface of the pool and sand the existing walls so they are smooth and any rough areas or blemishes are removed. After the sanding is complete, they will pressure wash the surface to remove the sanding debris.

Resurfacing Application

Once the surface is prepared, the next step is to apply the agent used for the resurfacing in Suffolk County NY. Most are applied by hand and smoothed out using an extendable concrete mover and a hand applicator. Once the mixture dries and hardens, they will then use a sealant over the top of the resurfacing agent to help extend its life and prevent it from being damaged by the weight of the water in the pool.

Final Testing

Before the contractors fill the pool, they will inspect the entire surface of the unit for any visible cracks that may have formed during the drying process. These are mostly like to occur near skimmer baskets and return water valves. Any needed repairs will be made, and then the pool will be refilled. The entire process of resurfacing a pool can be done in just a few short days.

Keep any pool looking great and safe to use by having it resurfaced every 8 to 10 years. For more information, contact the pool professionals at Sky Blue Pools. Their team can help any homeowner easily maintain their pool setup. Visit Skybluepools.net to learn more about the services they provide and make enjoying a pool easier than ever.

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