The Causes of Tooth Extractions


Tooth extractions happen every single day and this is a relatively straightforward and simple procedure that is done quickly and without pain. Not only can you fix a number of severe issues this way but you could enjoy a number of benefits associated with the procedure. There are many reasons that you might need this type of service from your dentist and moving through them all could help you to determine whether or not this is a great option for you.


On occasion, tooth decay will be left to fester and grow worse without treatment for months or even years at a time, leaving a tooth rotted out and no longer functional. Not only can these teeth be highly painful over time but they can lead to severe infections that can move into the bloodstream and jaw, causing extreme pain or worse. Tooth extractions help to avoid this by removing the affected tooth before it can cause something so serious to occur and they will save you from a lot of pain in the long run.


It could be that your teeth are simply too numerous for your mouth to handle, especially once you have your wisdom teeth come in, and tooth extractions become necessary to fix the issue. Crowding is often fixed by extracting one or more teeth and then utilizing braces or options such as Invisalign to get the help that you need. Not only will your smile eventually be beautiful and straight but you will never see other teeth begin to grow down on top of others.


On occasion, baby teeth will not loosen whenever adult teeth begin to grow in, leaving the new tooth no choice but to grow behind, in front of, or beside the original tooth. This may cause more than a few problems and require extractions as a solution. To learn more, you can choose to visit newagedentalcare.com or dial (636) 449-0215 to speak with a New Age Dental Care representative. You can follow them on Twitter for latest update!

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