The Necessity of Tree Pruning in Bronx NY

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Tree Services

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If you have trees on your property, you need to do a number of things to keep them looking healthy. Watering and fertilizing them are basic tasks, but a tree services company will tell you about the merits of tree pruning. In parts of Bronx NY, trees add beauty to yards of varying sizes. Pruning them when it becomes necessary will actually contribute to the health of the trees. Anyone can cut away a few branches, but it takes trained people to know when trees should be pruned and how it should be handled. One way to understand why this process is important is to learn about the reasons for pruning.

When you contact a business that does tree pruning in Bronx NY, they can assess the health of your trees and determine whether any cutting is necessary. If there are diseased or damaged branches, these will need to be cut to preserve the tree’s health. Pruning thick branches at the top can make it easier for sunlight to pass through to lower branches. It may also be necessary to cut away weak areas to avoid putting stress on other parts of the tree.

If the top of a tree grows too tall, heavy winds can cause the wood to split. Pruning these top branches promotes stability and lengthens the life of the tree. Overgrown trees can become safety hazards, especially if some of these branches have become weaker. At any time these branches can break and cause an injury. A company that does tree pruning in Bronx NY will also tell you that pruning is one of the ways to get a struggling tree to start thriving. Cutting away a few small branches can sometimes stimulate growth.

If you are among those homeowners who like to have trees that have a neat or uniform look, you will need to call a tree services company. They can safely cut away branches that have grown too far, changing the shape of the tree. This might also be necessary to keep trees from growing over into your neighbor’s property. As long as this task is carried out regularly, your trees will continue to add beauty to your yard for years to come.
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