The Many Ways You Could Benefit From Electric Sub Meter Installation


Water is one of the most precious of earth’s natural resources. As with all other resources, using it wisely is absolutely crucial. For those who own any type of multi-tenant residential development, being able to charge each person individually for the amount of water that he or she has used, is an excellent way to raise awareness about how much water is being used within a given space of time, as well as saving money and offering a lot of convenience. How can you achieve this goal, you ask? The answer lies in electric sub meter installation.

What Is Electric Sub Meter Installation?

Electric sub meter installation is a system that allows more convenient and accurate charging of water bills. If you have numerous tenants and wish to charge each of them fairly for the water they have used, then getting a sub metering system installed is the perfect solution. You will be able to see how much water each tenant used and in addition, each of your tenants can see their own usage.

Sub Metering Installation Pays You Back

When you have a sub metering system installed in your complex, you will find that very soon, the amount of money you save on water bills will more than cover what you paid for the sub meters. Here’s how electric sub metering can help you save so much. Each of your tenants will easily be able to keep an eye on how much water they use. Since you are now able to bill everyone according to individual usage, your tenants will be encouraged to cut back where they can and reduce their usage in order to save money, which in turn saves YOU money. Plus, the water usage is recorded in real time, meaning you can catch a leak very quickly because you or one of your tenants will notice an unusual spike in consumption.

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