Planning For Water Meter Installation


Many new apartments, condos, and multifamily manufactured home communities are now designed with individual sub-meters for every unit or lot. This is both a marketing benefit, as tenants will only pay for the water they use, as well as a way to promote energy conservation throughout the property.

However, even existing buildings and communities will benefit from water meter installation for every lot or unit. With the installation completed by experienced, expert teams for utility management service the process can be done smoothly and efficiently with minimal disruptions for tenants.

Planning water meter installation for existing properties is a bit more complex. Working with the service provider in advance of the installation to coordinate the transition will be essential.

Developing a Plan

By turning to a company with years of experience with submeter installation, planning for the process will be very easy. Look for companies that use their own installation crews, not those that subcontract with other installation companies.

When a crew that has worked together before and that specializing in water meter installation does the job, there is a higher quality of installation services and less risk of scheduling problems.

Notifying Tenants

Depending on the size of the building or the property, the entire facility can be submetered at one time, or it may be divided into sections. Most companies will work with the property manager to create as little disruption as possible for tenants.

For commercial buildings, this may include installation of the submeters on weekends or after hours while for residential buildings it is typically during the weekdays. Notices can be provided to tenants based on the plan developed by the installation company.

Remember, planning and meter installation are just two of the services to consider. Ideally, choose full utility management company that will manage billing, remittance and even provide real-time readouts of use.

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