The Importance of Regular Pet Grooming in Alexandria, VA


Regular pet grooming in Alexandria VA is essential not just for maintaining an animal’s appearance, but also for maintaining health and well-being. Each breed of dog or long-haired cat has a different type of coat, though, which means that each pet requires a different kind of care. Professional groomers have specialty tools designed to produce the best results for different breeds, but that’s just one of the reasons it’s important to entrust regular grooming to a professional.

Get Started Early

Most dogs and cats love being groomed, as it helps them form a connection with their owners and reduces their discomfort due to dead hair and skin. However, it can be helpful to get started young to ensure that the animals have time to get used to the process when they are young. When grooming puppies or taking them into a grooming parlor, try to choose times when the puppies are already tired and less energetic.

Grooming the Coat

Depending on the breed of cat or dog, providing care for the coat may require clipping, combing, brushing, bathing, or any combination of these techniques. While the occasional bath and brushing can be performed at home by owners with tools and experience, clips should always be performed by a trained professional, as there is always a risk of cutting the skin in difficult to reach places.

Oral Health

In addition to regular bathing and brushing, pets require a little bit of help with their oral health. The teeth and gums should be checked for any abnormalities while the teeth are being brushed. Specialty brushes and toothpaste are available for pet owners who want to perform this task themselves, but it can be difficult to provide adequate oral hygiene, so it’s usually best to entrust this task to a professional as well.

Nail Care

Indoor cats and dogs often suffer from long nails, which is why nail clipping is an absolutely essential aspect of Pet Grooming in Alexandria VA. This process can be dangerous to the animals if performed incorrectly, as dogs, in particular, have blood vessels in their nails. Contact us for more information about pet grooming and care, or call to schedule an appointment today.

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