Do You Need a Dementia Care Advisor in Chicago North Shore, IL?


There are several different causes of dementia. Dementia can be the natural result of aging and the breakdown of brain tissue over time. It can also result from some kind of accident or illness. Many types of illness can attack the memory centers and harm your ability to form new memories or to hold onto older ones. Finally, dementia can actually be a result of some kind of medical procedure. For elderly patients, it is not uncommon for anesthesia to cause some kinds of dementia symptoms. In some cases, these symptoms can be limited but in others they are long-lasting. A dementia care advisor can help you find the best living facility for you.

Memory Care

Memory care is generally divided into three basic focuses. It is divided into caring for a person who has memory issues, fighting memory loss physically, and fighting memory loss psychologically. The physical fight against memory loss often involves using drugs and medical procedures to attempt to slow down the loss of memory. That is because the memories are psychological but they are still stored in physical spaces in the brain. To find the best possible specialist, you need to consult a dementia care advisor in Chicago North Shore, IL.

There are many memory care specialists who can help you. You should get in touch with Oasis Senior Advisors – Chicago North Shore to find the one that’s right for you.

Memory Exercises

In addition to the medical treatment of memory loss, there are also memory exercises. Ask a dementia care advisor about some of the new theories that are showing promise. For example, many have found that mental exercises such as word puzzles, chess, and other games can actually boost brain function and slow down memory loss. They help create stronger connections in the brain. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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