The Importance of a Professional Furniture Storage Service in Estero FL for Valuable Wood Belongings

The Importance of a Professional Furniture Storage Service in Estero FL for Valuable Wood Belongings

Some men and women need to store furniture and other items for a while but don’t necessarily want to deal with a self-storage unit. They might choose a furniture storage service in Estero FL associated with a moving company, which has workers pad-wrap everything, move it to the facility and place it in a climate-controlled vault. When the customer is ready, the movers will bring all these belongings to the specified location.

Wood Furniture

This type of Furniture Storage Service in Estero FL can be particularly useful when the customer has several large, heavy items that must be handled with care to prevent damage. Consider a married couple that has collected a houseful of valuable wood furniture, including a walnut dining room set, bedroom sets, an antique sideboard and hutch, and antique end tables. Trying to move that stuff on their own is a hassle, and they like the idea of having movers who securely wrap the furniture to protect it.

An Example

Why do they need temporary storage at this point in time? This couple might have reached retirement age and have decided to set out on the road in an RV for a year or two. They don’t want to get rid of all their stuff, so they have it moved to storage until they are ready to settle down again.

Storage on the Floor

Furniture moved to the floor of a storage vault should be placed on pallets or blocks in the unlikely event of minor flooding. The furniture is wrapped in fabric and not plastic, since the material breathes and is better for wood. The pads prevent scratches or dings if any of the belongings must be stored in stacks and pushed close together.

Climate Control

When furniture is valuable or irreplaceable, owners want to have it professionally moved and store it with an organization like Rice’s Moving & Transport, Inc. Climate control is crucial because of Florida’s heat and humid weather. Wood can warp, bend and crack over time in warm, humid conditions. This type of facility keeps the furniture and other possessions protected. Visit Ricesmoving.net for information on this particular company.

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