The History of the Denim Zip Front Pant: An American Classic

The History of the Denim Zip Front Pant: An American Classic

The denim zip front pant also goes by the more common term, “jeans.” This article of clothing is thought to be an American classic, but its roots extend to Europe, as far back as the late 16th century. With its humble beginnings in the city of Genoa, denim was a crucial fabric for working-class people in Northern Italy by the start of the 17th century.

A Brief History of the Denim Zip Front Pant

In the 1850’s the infamous Levi Strauss immigrated to New York from Germany and later moved to San Francisco where he met Jacob Davis. Jacob Davis was a tailor who asked Strauss to become his partner in patenting and selling clothing that would be reinforced with copper rivets. The focus was to market a product that would not wear out easily due to the copper rivets reinforcing points of stress throughout the article of clothing. Designed originally for cowboys, miners, and factory workers, their “jeans” were invented and marketed in the late 1800’s.

Jeans in Popular Culture

Today, the denim zip front pant is probably the most popular article of clothing around the world. In the 1950’s they gained popularity among teenagers, especially of the “greaser” subculture. They evolved to include bell bottoms, popular among both hippies and members of the disco subcultures alike throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s, and evolved again in the 1980’s in the form of skinny acid wash styles.

Various Styles and Fabric Colors

In current fashion, the denim zip front pant is available in virtually any style imaginable and can suit any type of occasion when paired with the right accessories. Jeans are available in various fits such as skinny, slim, straight, flare, boot-cut, tapered, and narrow bottom. You can find fits ranging from high-waist, low-waist, and classic. Denim fabrics come in every shade of blue you can imagine, from dark to light to acid wash. Another popular design is “distressed” jeans, made to look vintage or visibly worn with fringed holes in the knees or fade lines on the front of the hips.

Good for Any Occasion

Everyone has a favorite denim zip front pant in his or her wardrobe. An impeccably fitting pair of designer jeans will have you feeling sexy and awesome in any situation. Wear them casually with a tee shirt or sweater if you’re feeling in a comfy mood or dress them up with a nice blazer and a pair of high heels to look great for a night out. Pair them with a leather jacket and boots if you want to feel stylish, or buy a pair of acid wash jeans and wear them with a colorful top for a vintage style.

How you choose to wear your denim zip front pant is up to you. With an endless variety of styles, fits, fabric, and colors to choose from, finding your dream jeans is a must in today’s fashion-forward world.

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