Swimming Pool Water Treatment Systems Without the Mess of Chemicals


There are many people who look for an alternative to using large amounts of chlorine in their swimming pools, either because they don’t like the smell, or they are concerned about how the chemicals will affect them and their families. There are a few alternatives to chlorine which are available, but one of the most popular is the ionization systems.

Ionizing swimming pool water treatment systems have a number of advantages over systems which use chlorine or salt to treat the water. These systems are particularly effective at removing algae from a pool, which is a very useful feature for an outside pool. The ionizing process kills most of the algae; any of the organisms which would survive this process will not be able to reproduce at the rate at which it normally would, which means any problem with algae will be virtually eliminated. The ionization process will also completely kill any bacteria which are present in the water.

These types of swimming pool water treatment systems are very cost effective, as once they are installed there is no need for any additional products to be purchased. The cost of products which are needed with other types of treatments such as chlorine tablets and bags of salt can soon begin to add up, especially when they need to be purchased on a regular basis. The lifespan of equipment currently used within the pool will also be increased due to less corrosion, which means this equipment will not have to be replaced as often. It will not take long to recoup the cost of having a system installed when all these savings are taken into consideration.

When there are lower levels of chlorine in your pool, there is less need for chemical monitoring. This can save you a lot of time, as this process can be quite time consuming. Another way in which this type of system can save you even more time is there will also be no need for you to spend as much time maintaining the pool.

For more information about how an ionizing swimming pool water treatment systems can benefit you, whether you have a private or commercial pool, contact Clearwater Pool Systems today. They will be able to talk you through all your options and help you decide whether this system and which products are right for you. All inquiries can be made with no obligation so you have nothing to lose by contacting them to find out more about this type of system.

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