The Benefits of Asphalt Paving in Essex Junction VT


Home and business owners have a variety of options as far as driveway materials are concerned. The two most popular choices are asphalt and concrete, and while each has unique benefits, asphalt is the focus of this article. Local paving companies recommend it as a cost-efficient, versatile way to protect a driveway. Below are several reasons that asphalt is preferable to concrete as a driveway material.

Quick Installation

Installation of the average asphalt driveway can be finished in less than two days in most cases. Following that, it only takes two days for the driveway to cure and become usable. By comparison, concrete takes significantly longer to install and to cure; the total process usually takes about a week.

Simple, Easy Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of an asphalt driveway is its easy maintenance. It’s quite simple to keep things looking great; just sweep away debris as it accumulates and apply an occasional coat of sealant. Asphalt can be beneficial in the winter; because of the dark color, it can absorb heat and melt ice faster than concrete can.

Low Chance of Cracking

If concrete is not installed under optimal conditions, the driveway has a greater likelihood of cracking. Large-scale cracking is less common in asphalt driveways because of their increased flexibility.

Stands Up to Harsh Conditions

Concrete can deteriorate in harsh winter weather, particularly when it is exposed to radical temperature shifts, chemicals and road salt. An asphalt driveway is less likely to flake and deteriorate in wintertime conditions.

Simple Repairs

While asphalt paving can occasionally crack, it is simple to repair most cracks. Furthermore, asphalt sealant is available at most home improvement stores. For larger repairs, though, all the home or business owner has to do is to call a company that repairs Asphalt Paving in Essex Junction VT. On the other hand, when concrete cracks, it usually must be replaced.

Is the home or business’ current driveway looking a little worse for wear? If a local customer needs Asphalt Paving they can count on local professionals. Visit the site to schedule an estimate or call today to talk to an asphalt paving professional.

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