The Basics Of A Hoist Monorail

The Basics Of A Hoist Monorail

Depending on the types of loads and configurations of a specific area of the facility, a standard conveyor or crane system may not be the most effective system. Instead, a more effective and efficient option may be a hoist monorail.

As a general guideline, think of a monorail hoist as a short distance type of device. They may be used to lift and move materials and loads through a small area of a warehouse or production area and typically have less scope and lifting ability as compared to a crane.

Typically, most hoist monorail systems are manually operated. This means that the actual hoist is attached to a fixed steel beam. Depending on the load capacity this may be directly mounted to the ceiling or it may be supported by columns to the floor. Not only the load but the support capacity of the building will be taken into consideration when determining the best configuration.

Transferring Loads

In addition to moving loads in specific locations, the hoist monorail can also be used to transfer loads from one to another. With their design, they are also able to be designed to accommodate for curves or changes in the height of the railing, allowing the monorail system to “float” through different heights in the ceiling.

When transferring loads from one crane system to another, the monorails are typically used over very short distances. These systems need to be carefully configured to work with the crane systems and create an effective “bridge” between one or more systems.

Highly Customized

The primary role of most of these systems is to easily and efficiently move product in specific areas and spaces. This includes in areas where traditional overhead bridge cranes or other types of systems are simply too costly or too inefficient to use.

Working with a company that has extensive experience in developing the customized monorail systems required is important. These companies should have the ability to work to your needs and to ensure the final product is safe, effective and efficient.

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