An Introduction to the Frascold Compressor

An Introduction to the Frascold Compressor

While a Frascold compressor may not be the go-to choice for many air conditioning and refrigeration service contractors in the United States at this time, they are a leading producer of high-quality compressors for the worldwide market.

With over 80 years in the cooling industry, Frascold has largely focused on the European market, but this is changing with a greater presence in the North American markets. Headquartered in Italy, this company produces reciprocating and screw Frascold compressor units of all sizes as well as air cooled condensing units.

You will find the different options of Frascold compressor models in everything from commercial refrigeration systems to stationary applications and industrial and process refrigeration systems.


The focus of the company is specifically on refrigeration systems and the use of advanced technology in the control and management of the systems. They are known for innovation in the industry and an emphasis on the use of technology to create more effective and efficient systems.

They are also an international company that operates with a small company perspective. They work with leaders in the industries they serve to continually add to the value of the compressors they market based on what customers are looking for and require.

Repairs and Remanufacturing

Not all air compressor service centers and remanufacturers are able to work with Frascold components. If you are looking for new parts for one of these compressors or if you want to replace your current compressor with a remanufactured model an online search is often the best option to find a compressor service with this capacity.

As these are higher-end types of compressors, a remanufactured model is a great choice. This will help you to save the cost of the repair or a new purchase while providing a like-new model with a limited warranty.

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