Structural Contracting Services in Cleveland Assist in Saving Energy

Structural Contracting Services in Cleveland Assist in Saving Energy

If you are involved in structural contracting services in Cleveland, you know very well the importance of this these kinds of offerings to businesses. Today, structural services include offerings such as laser cutting, customized HVAC designs, welding, assembly of materials, 3D modeling design, structural sawing, and duct fabrication and installation.

Customized HVAC

One of the highly popularized services of structural contracting services today is HVAC installation. This kind of installation can be made at a client’s plant or constructed on a design and build basis. Ductwork can also be fabricated and installed for general and mechanical contractors. Therefore, any company that is involved in this specific service should also be knowledgeable in computer-aided design and air distribution systems. Both these factors ensure that customers will receive a premium HVAC system designs for the building and operations.

Indeed, structural contracting services that cover HVAC are important to customers given the fact that energy consumption is an important issue today. HVAC systems then must be constructed and installed to meet many of the “green” standards required by businesses. The HVAC system must not only use the highest quality metals and materials, but it must also be designed and installed to meet the energy requirements of a building as well. That is why customization is a popular way to build and install an HVAC system design.

The typical materials or metals that are used for HVAC systems include aluminized steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, PVC, and FRP. Various HVAC system designs include commercial space and office heating and cooling systems, constant volume and VAV systems, industrial plant heating and ventilation systems, kitchen hood exhausts for restaurants, single package, and split type systems, and fume exhaust hoods and fans.

Businesses and industries also ask for specialized HVAC designs for spray booth exhausts, dust collection, and pollution control, air compressing ducting, and for computer and telephone rooms. HVAC equipment installation can be designed for placement on a rooftop and at a curb and offers such amenities as exhaust fans and blowers, VAV boxes, dampers, grilles, and louvers, as well as scrubbers and dust collectors.

HVAC Ductwork

Ductwork for customized HVAC systems is fabricated to standards of the SMACNA and is typically insulated and acoustically lined. These kinds of systems include other design elements, such as stacks, chimneys, breechings, and flues.

The businesses that are normally served by structural contracting services that customize HVAC systems include automotive companies, chemical companies, plastics manufacturers, construction firms, food processing facilities, general manufacturers, retail companies, educational institutions and healthcare facilities, and hospitals.

As you can see, the use of structural fabrication and HVAC design is a key concern for the optimum running for most businesses, institutions, and manufacturers. Therefore, it is essential that companies align themselves with a business that knows all the intricacies of structural fabrication and sheet metal designs.

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