Custom Cut Aluminum Sheet: Using the Perfect Metal

Custom Cut Aluminum Sheet: Using the Perfect Metal

Some consider aluminum the “perfect” metal. Proof of its popularity is evident. Every year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the American packaging and container industry utilizes approximately 2 million tons of aluminum. As the third most plentiful chemical element, it is easy to obtain. Its mechanical and physical characteristics also make it popular in the production of many different items. Companies can also request custom cut aluminum sheet. This makes it very popular among fabrication shops and metal workers.

Why Call Aluminum the “Perfect” Metal?

Aluminum in sheet or other form possesses certain ideal qualities for metalworking. Whether a company orders off-the-rack or custom cut aluminum sheet the metal possesses the following characteristics:

* Easy formability

* Hardness

* High corrosion resistance

* Non-toxicity

* Non-magnetic

* Low density – therefore extremely lightweight

* Superior conductivity, joining and reflectivity

Aluminum is also readily available. Some common aluminum sheets are 3003, 5052 and 6061. They come in different gauges including as thin as 032″ thick as a thick as ¼”.

Custom Cut Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum is viewed as a “perfect” metal. Indeed, it does possess many qualities fabricators, and metal workers see as beneficial. It is easy to work with, durable, strong, non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant. Just as is important is its low impact on the environment. Aluminum is easily recyclable. This also makes it very attractive to those concerned with earth and its resource base.

However, those who work with metal must focus on functionality and productivity. As an easy metal to form, fabricators utilize aluminum in producing parts for many different industries. These range from the aerospace components to cutlery. In many instances, they face the need to provide the right shape, size, weight or thickness of sheet metal for a specific project. When this occurs, they can and do request custom cut aluminum sheet to provide them with the ideal basis for any project.

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