Specialty Fasteners: More Than Just Nuts and Bolts


When you think about screws, nuts and bolts, you might assume they’re all the same. Certainly, they can come in different sizes to suit different applications – but the average person generally knows little more than that.

A wide variety of engineers, manufacturers, and other industrial insiders know better. They know that fasteners used in common everyday applications need to be specially manufactured to suit other more intense jobs. This is where specialty fasteners shine, and why there are a number of companies focusing on just this type of service.

A Variety of Industries
When asking where specialty fasteners are used and why they’re important, think about some of the most demanding industries in the world. Aerospace, automotive, military, medical devices, telecommunications, electronics – all of these and more are routinely in need of fasteners that go beyond the basics due to the forces under which they’ll be placed and the critical nature of the parts or components they’re protecting. For instance, race cars and their components are placed under a tremendous amount of stress, and the fasteners used in the engine must be able to withstand this and still perform well – or else disastrous failure could result.

It could be, too, that a custom solution is required which will eliminate problems that are not quite so critical as the one just described. Perhaps the current fasteners being used by a particular business are presenting challenges. It’s in these situations that a specialty fastener manufacturer can help find a solution.

Developing Specialty Fasteners
Not every company can develop custom, reliable fastening solutions. It takes a team of skilled engineers to design the perfect fastener, as well as the technology to make the design a reality. In most instances, too, the factor of the cost comes into play. Will this solution be a cost-effective one? And, of course, will it perform well? These are the concerns to be faced, and as such only an experienced supplier with a solid track record or case history should be called into service.

Whether they’re used in critical applications or simply intended to solve a challenge, specialty fasteners make life safer and easier for most of us whether we know it or not – thanks to the companies that design and manufacture them.

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