Some Benefits of CDL Truck Driving Jobs

Some Benefits of CDL Truck Driving Jobs

The career choice you make today will either make your or break you years down the road. CDL truck driving jobs are perfect for those who are looking for work that doesn’t require a lot of schoolings but that also can be lucrative and personally rewarding. Trucking jobs offer several core benefits.

There is currently a shortage of professional truck drivers. This means that you can easily find job opportunities in this field, and many companies that hire truckers are willing to pay more than ever before for qualified drivers to carry loads across the United States. Over 70 percent of the United States’ economy is delivered by trucks, so an increasing number of truck drivers will be needed as the nation’s economy grows. The trucking field especially offers security for people who find themselves moving frequently.

Pay and Benefits
Long-haul truck drivers may especially take advantage of the nation’s truck driver shortage, with companies often willing to provide them with increased pay and bonuses. If you are a safe and reliable driver, you can also expect to be paid substantially more, as these types of drivers are rare. If you have a proven safety record and a few years of driving experience under your belt, you can earn more money than some college graduates can.

With more years of experience typically come guaranteed pay raises as well. A wide range of benefits, including life insurance, retirement plans, vision, dental and medical insurance, are also available through leading companies and may rival those of some of today’s Fortune 500 companies.

If the thought of working a traditional 9-to-5 job in an office setting doesn’t attractive to you, then one of many available CDL truck driving jobs may work well for you due to their flexible schedules. As a truck driver, you can additionally determine which types of hauls you prefer to drive, whether they are local runs or long-distance ones. The change of scenery you can enjoy as a trucker also makes the truck driving field a popular career area – one that allows you to see new places as you travel the country from one year to the next.

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