Simple Tips for Tree Trimming in Queens County NY


Trees are an important part of Earth’s ecosystem. These perennial plants serve to produce oxygen, stabilize soil, and provide shade. Many people perform tree trimming in Queens County NY area. If you have to do this with your trees, use the following guidelines. This will help minimize cutting the tree and prevent damage to the tree’s tissues.

Before you start removing tree parts, decide why you want to trim your trees. Most Tree Trimming in Queens County NY is done to enhance the appeal of a tree, to improve the health of a tree or for safety purposes. Whichever reason you have, realize that there are risks in removing tree parts. Trees do not heal. If a tree is cut, it will compartmentalize the cut. The tree will then grow around the part that is injured. It’s preferable to remove as little tree parts as possible to preserve the health and longevity of the tree.

When possible, trim a tree during its dormant season. This is the time when a tree’s growth stops. This will help stop the interruption of metabolic activities necessary for healthy living. It will also help lessen the damage to trees since trees can’t regenerate from an injury. If a tree is not growing when you perform a cut, you won’t stop this process. When a hazard exists, the importance of removing the hazard comes before the need to only trim in the dormant season of a tree.

When you trim a tree, try to only cut branches that are young. This will help lessen the chance of scarring. It’s also easier to manage smaller branches. Consider the size of a branch before you remove it. A branch with a width of less than 6 centimeters is typically safe to remove. Apply caution if you want to remove a branch with a diameter between 5 to 10 centimeters. A branch with a width 11 centimeters or greater generally should only be done when there is a specific reason.

By conducting Tree Trimming, you can enhance the health of a tree, alter its aesthetic appearance, and remove potential safety hazards. For more information on this service, contact a tree trimming service in your area. You can also visit the website of a tree trimming service that offers residential and commercial tree trimming service for customers.

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