Should You Build a Crawl Space, Basement or a Slab-on-Grade?


Are you trying to decide whether you should include a crawl space in your home? Are you interested in learning more about crawl space encapsulation in Barrington before building a crawl space? There are a few options of spaces to add to your home to provide extra space for storage or living. Building either a crawl space or a slab-on-grade may be able to provide you with the extra space that you need. If you continue reading, you can learn about the benefits of each of these options before you decide to build one.

Adding a Crawl Space

A crawlspace can add many benefits including being able to keep your air ducts and furnace beneath the flooring. You can also experience easy and cost-efficient access when plumbers or electricians need to perform repairs. The easy access can provide you with cheap repairs, unlike if you were to not have a crawl space in your home. With a crawl space, you can have much more flexibility regarding types of flooring.

Building a Basement

A basement can not only a place to store items but is often also extra living space. A basement can provide you with a cool area to live. If you want to save energy in the summer months, you can spend time in your basement without using an air conditioning system because it is much cooler down there.

Building a Slab-on-Grade

A slab-on-grade can provide you with an area that is spider-free and without mold, as a basement or crawlspace may not be able to provide you with these benefits unless you maintain them regularly. A floor heating system can even keep this area warm in the cooler months so that you can still enjoy the space as more than just an area for storage or empty space. Flooring for a slab can be attractive and customized to match the design of the rest of your home.

If you are looking for a service to provide you with crawl space encapsulation in Barrington, Nu-Crawl may be able to help.

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