Discovering The Perfect Student Housing In Greensboro NC


If you have an elderly loved one who needs to find a new place to live due to having a fixed income, it can be difficult helping them find a rental they can afford. Fortunately, there are programs they can apply for which can help them find an apartment or house based on their income. Here are some of the available Student Housing in Greensboro NC that help to find affordable places to live.

County Housing Authority

Like most communities in the Greensboro NC, the Greensboro government offers affordable housing through the federal department of Housing and Urban Development. Their Public Housing Rental Program is income-based, with residents paying as much as 30% of their income to rent an apartment, townhouse or condominium. This type of housing can be used for student housing Greensboro, NC who do not need around-the-clock medical care.

Senior Housing Options

The apartment complexes vary, but some of them have special facilities for seniors, some offer meals, and some feature 24-hour monitoring in case of emergencies. Like most programs, to move into the apartments, the applicant’s income will be evaluated and the rent based on that information.

Assisted Living Options

The county also offers assisted living options for elderly placement. Some of the assisted living options have private rooms, while others are semi-private. They offer 24-hour monitoring, medication management, on-site medical care, and meals for residents. If your loved one is 62 years old or over,West Quad may suggest this as an option for them.

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