Several Advantages of Choosing Above The Ground Pools in Houston


Many homeowners choose Above The Ground Pools in Houston because they are so much more affordable than their in-ground counterparts. There are advantages to the concrete pool situated in the earth, but the upfront cost can be staggering for many property owners. These people will be glad to know that above-ground swimming pools have their own advantages in addition to the lower price tag.

Speed of Installation

Above The Ground Pools in Houston can be installed much faster than the in-ground versions. A family can be swimming within a day, but an in-ground model takes several weeks to complete. Contractors tend to be busy and weather can be uncooperative Speed of installation is a particularly important advantage for a consumer who made a rather spontaneous decision to have a pool installed.

No Tax Increase

An in-ground swimming pool can increase the value of the property in this part of the country, where warm weather is enjoyed many months of the year. That’s a benefit when it comes time to list the home for sale, but in the meantime, the property taxes may go up. Since an above-ground pool isn’t considered a permanent home improvement, the home is not assessed at a higher value.

Lower Accident Risk

The risk of a person or animal accidentally falling into the pool is significantly minimized with the above-ground model. Those pools require climbing a ladder to get in since the top is several feet above the land. The owner still must have a secure fence constructed to keep unwanted and unsupervised visitors out. For extra safety, ladders can be removed and locked up when the pool is not in use.

Small and Large Lot Advantages

An above-ground model is more suitable for a smaller lot. Although the other type can be constructed in a small size, many property owners don’t want to go to this expense for a pool they can’t even swim laps in.

On a larger lot, this model has the advantage of portability. It can be drained and moved to a different location if the owners decide that’s preferable. Visit Cryer Pools at the website to learn more about this particular installation contractor.

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