Selecting the Right Contractor for a Residential Renovation in Maui


Maui residents often need home renovations or repairs, but the reasons for those needs differ significantly. In fact, some homeowners may not even be fully aware of the repairs or renovations their properties need, as many defects are, by their very nature, hidden from view. That’s why a contractor providing residential renovation in Maui is often asked to inspect a property to identify the root causes of structural issues and develop a strategy for rectifying the problems present. In Maui, there are a couple of issues that routinely pop up: termite damage and dry rot. Each of those issues requires attention not only to resolve an obvious defect but also head off potential problems that could develop as a result of the existing issues.

What has Causes Dry Rot?

Any type of rot is caused by moisture. Structural components exposed to water for long periods of time will, eventually, begin to rot. As a rule, components unable to dry out will rot easily and, sooner or later, that rot will spread to adjacent areas. In cases where the problem starts in a concealed area, like an eave, the considerable damage might occur before a homeowner becomes aware of the issue. At that point, it’s important to contact a contractor providing residential renovation in Maui as soon as possible to begin the repairs.

Dealing With Termite Damage

Termites must be eradicated before reconstruction begins. However, as soon after a termite infestation is eliminated, homeowners are encouraged to contact a restoration professional to evaluate the level of damage and propose a strategy to deal with the damage. Since much of the damage from termites may be hidden, it’s important to ensure the contractor takes steps to locate all the affected areas prior to beginning any repairs.

Maui contractors also assist homeowners with other remodeling needs as well as new construction projects. The contractor’s experience in all phases of construction means homeowners need not worry about issues developing the builder is unsure how to handle. Top contractors, like those from website, provide a full range of services for all home construction needs. Start calling today to find the right contractor for a project and get a free estimate.

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