Reviewing the Claims Process with Accident Attorneys in Warrenton, VA

Reviewing the Claims Process with Accident Attorneys in Warrenton, VA

In Virginia, auto drivers may face the impact of a car accident at one point in their lives. These accidents could lead to serious injuries or complex property damage. The type of accident can also place a role in how the case is managed. Certain factors that could also apply may affect how the victim files a claim as well. The following is a review of the claims process with accident attorneys in Warrenton, VA.

The Scene of the Accident

The officers at the scene of the accident must make vital distinctions about these cases. They must try to identify the exact driver who was at fault initially, and record information about all other parties that were involved. The types of vehicles that were involved in the accident are also important factors. Any commercial vehicles that are involved require extensive investigations.

The Accident Report

The accident report is the jumping off point for these cases. It provides all information collected by the officers. It doesn’t present hard evidence in most cases that the defendant is liable for injuries and property damage immediately. The plaintiff must provide ample evidence to support their claim.

Starting the Claim

The victim must provide medical evidence of their injuries, such as all the medical files that they have for their injuries. They may also need testimony from their doctor to support claims about the impact of their injuries. This is vital for determining if the injuries are a long-term or short-term disability.

What to Expect During the Trial

The trial enables both sides to present their argument. If any comparative fault claims arise, this could reduce the value of the settlement received by a victim. This ruling works if the victim is also guilty of a moving violation.

In Virginia, auto owners must file a legal claim for their medical expenses and property damage if the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance. These requirements also include ample evidence showing that they were injured during an accident. They will also need witnesses that can support their claim against the defendant. Victims of accidents who need to discuss their case with accident attorneys in Warrenton, VA can contact Gayheart & Willis, P.C. Today.

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