Best Materials For Swimming Pool Filter Installation Front Royal VA

Best Materials For Swimming Pool Filter Installation Front Royal VA

There are a lot of opinions on the best kinds of materials to use for Swimming Pool Filter Installation Front Royal VA. There are three main types of filter systems and they are: Cartridge, Sand, or DE (Diatomaceous Earth). But before deciding on the best type to use, it is necessary to understand each of them. Their descriptions are given below.


This is also known as the bullet-proof filter. The pool water passes through the top of a layer of filter sand and is then removed at the bottom using a set of lateral tubes. The idea is that the water is pushed through a layer of filter sand, like an espresso machine. The unfiltered water is pushed through the top and the clean water comes out at the bottom.


This is known as the low maintenance economic filter. The water is passed through a filtering material which captures and holds the dirt. It is similar to the water filters in a typical sink. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of cartridge filters. The first type make use of filters elements which can be replaced inexpensively and as such, don’t last very long. The second type uses very expensive elements which can last for at least five years. The two filters can be cleaned by simply hosing them down, but it must be done at least once in a season.

Diatomaceous earth

This is referred to as the water polisher. Diatomaceous earth is actually the exoskeletons of fossilized tiny diatoms. DE is used in the coating of “grids” within the filter housing and since they are very tiny, they are capable of filtering out particles as little as five microns. The filter area for diatom is roughly sixty to seventy feet which is between that of cartridge and sand. Once there is an increase in the filter pressure, there is a backwash of the filter after which it is “recharged” with additional DE powder.

There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when choosing the best Swimming Pool Filter Installation Front Royal VA. They include installation cost, size of pool as well as the cost of filtering materials.

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