Residential Property Management in Fresno – How to Keep Residential Properties Occupied

by | Dec 22, 2014 | Health & Medical

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Making money in residential property management in Fresno means keeping available properties occupied. If a unit stays empty, it makes no money and will eventually become a liability. Making is a desirable property is the best way to make sure it stays occupied. It can be in an area that is a little less than what some people want, but if it is well cared for, functional and at an affordable, price it will stay rented. Below are a few of the details you need to look at to improve and maintain full occupancy.


Looks Matter


No one wants to rent a property that looks ugly. It is important to deal with the aesthetics of a property to make it inviting for tenants to stay. Peeling paint, broken windows and an unkempt lawn will not paint a picture that people want to remember. Successful residential property management in Fresno involves presenting your property in the best possible light.


Keep it Functional


Make sure everything works in your residential properties. You do not want to earn the reputation of a property owner who lets things go and does not care whether or not everything works. Create and stick with a routine maintenance schedule and do repairs as theyare needed. Skilled residential property management in Fresno employs top property monitoring and maintenance systems.


Find the Right Market


If you want tenants that will stay long term, you need to be marketing to those who are looking to make Fresno home. The right marketing plans with residential property management in Fresno understand the needs of potential tenants and look for those that match the needs of the property owner. Researching and reaching the right market will create the perfect symbiotic relationship.


onduct Proper Background Checks


If a potential tenant has a history of eviction or moves frequently and you are looking for a long-term renter, it will be a bad fit. You also need to make sure that the potential tenant really is making the right amount of income to afford the property. A few simple background checks and fact-finding calls can tell you a lot about whether a potential renter is the right candidate. It is worth slowing down and doing this part right.


Fresno is a great place to live, and the residential housing market is booming. Having a desirable property to offer is great, but maintaining the looks and function are critical to ongoing occupancy. You need to find your market and marketing strengths to do well. The potential tenants are out there, but you have to attract them to your residential properties with a combination of good presentation and marketing strategy. A professional agent for residential property management in Fresno can help.

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