Replacing Current Forklift Batteries: Tips For Wisconsin Small Business Owners


For small businesses in Wisconsin that use forklifts and may not have experienced mechanics and repair professionals on-staff, knowing a bit about when and how to replace current forklift batteries can be very helpful.

By understanding the signs of when a battery needs to be replaced or when it just needs service or maintenance, small business owners can make better decisions. This helps to save on the cost of full replacement while also not sinking a lot of money into repairs on a battery that has only a short life cycle even after the repair.

Life Cycle Considerations

All batteries are rated to have a specific number of cycles. A cycle is a charge and subsequent discharge of a battery. Most forklift batteries will have 1500 cycles, which means they can be charged 1500 times, or approximately once a day for five years.
However, charging before the battery is fully discharged, incorrect charging practices or other charging simply to keep the battery topped off will dramatically reduce the life cycle of forklift batteries.

Signs of Serious Battery Problems

There are several signs of battery problems, including the inability to charge and power problems. Key signs include decreased usage time after a full charge, trouble with power to the forklift, even on a charged battery and corrosion on the battery that is easily visible.
In some cases, there may be a smell of sulfuric acid when the battery is charging. This is similar to the smell of rotten eggs, and it should not be present during the charging process.

Extreme cases of battery problems can include smoke at the battery during charging. Even more serious is the presence of smoke during operation of the forklift. For these types of issues, immediately disconnect the forklift batteries and do not use them until they are inspected by a battery technician or replaced with new batteries from your Wisconsin supplier.

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