Benefits Of A Top Columbus, OH, Nursing Home Pharmacy


Operating a nursing home or a skilled nursing facility is a challenge. The constant rise in the cost of medical care and medications is always a factor to consider. One way to help to manage these costs is to partner with an experienced, local nursing home pharmacy.

In Columbus, OH, there are highly experienced, pharmacies with staff and support services in place to benefit skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes. These pharmacies can provide a range of services and functions that can assist the facility staff while also helping to manage costs.

Medication Packaging

Unlike a traditional type of retail pharmacy, a nursing home pharmacy is able to work to the needs of staff and patients when it comes to the packaging of medications.

There are different packaging options that can be very helpful in eliminating medication errors while also providing staff with the most effective options for administration of meds. Popular options in include strip unit dose packages that allow for labeling of administration times, patient names, drug, name, date and the usage directions for the mediation. Whole day regimes can also be developed in strips, which makes administration easy and reduces medication errors.

Other options include standard pill bottles and blister packs. The use of blister packs with or without cartridges is ideal when medications need to be carefully monitored or when shift counts are required for controlled medications on the unit.

Other Factors

In Columbus, OH, there are also value-added services offered by the top pharmacies. This includes having a medication review by a pharmacist to avoid duplication of medications, harmful drug interactions as well as to help reduce costs by making appropriate alternative medication recommendations.

Ideally, when talking to a nursing home pharmacy, know what is required within the nursing home. An experienced pharmacy will be able to make recommendations for services they can provide to meet those needs.

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