Backflow Prevention and Testing Services

Backflow Prevention and Testing Services

Backflow prevention is an important service for the protection of water supplies from contamination. A reliable company that provides testing services for a backflow preventer will have highly trained individuals conducting these tests. These technicians are required to have continuing education per state requirements and special training in order to qualify for this type of work.

What is Backflow?
Within a water system, backflow is defined as an intentional flow of water that runs in the reverse direction of normal flow. When this occurs, other substances can merge with the water system producing contamination. The result is an unusable water supply that consists of bad water mixed with good water.

Backflow Prevention Device
A condition of backflow can be prevented by the application of a backflow preventer device. This device is used to stop uncontaminated and contaminated flows of water from joining together and bringing about a contamination of the water supply.

Yearly Testing
Testing these backflow preventers is required due to the fact that this mechanical device can potentially fail, just as other pieces of equipment. An annual testing regimen for this device can help determine how well the backflow preventer is able to carry out its proper function if backflow occurs.

Process of Testing
Backflow prevention devices include built-in ports that enable testing to be conducted on the device. A qualified technician performing the testing will connect a test kit to the device in order to determine if it is operating correctly. When this test is conducted, the water supply must be cut off from the device. This type of testing is performed in order to help ensure the protection of human life and the proper functioning of the facility in which the testing is conducted.

Protection of Groundwater Supply
Certain public agencies (environmental and health related) as well as OSHA, regulate potential connecting points between non-drinkable and drinkable water supplies. In order to prevent infiltration and contaminants into the groundwater supply, it is beneficial to have a Cross Connection Control Program in place. This program helps ensure a drinking water system is safe for all occupants of a particular building or facility.

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