Reclaim Your Home from Termites by Calling a Termite Control Company in San Diego

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Pest Control

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A termite are insects that live in colonies. They are grouped into different classes according to their responsibilities and functions. Self-organization and decentralization play a key role in termite colonies A typical colony of termites can number into the hundreds of thousands. While these insects are an important part of the ecology system, they can be unwelcome guests to homeowners. A Termite Control Company in San Diego can help a homeowner rid his personal area of these


Termites resemble ants in size and body portions. A swarming termite is often mistaken for a flying ant. A typical termite has a straight waste and antennae. These insects also have wings that are the same size. It’s important to be able to identify a termite so processes can be applied to rid a home of a colony of them. Discarded wings around windows can indicate the presence of termites.


There are about 45 million species of termites in the United States. These insects are natural decomposers. They also aerate and improve soil content. Microorganisms in the stomachs of termites helps them to digest cellulose, or tough plant fibers. Feeding on plants or on the fungus of decaying plants helps recycle energy present in nature.


Termites also feed on wood and dead wood in the soil. An infestation of termites can cause severe damage to a home’s structure and foundation. Shelves and other wooden surfaces are possible foods for termites. To stop this from occurring, it’s necessary to learn about the signs of termite damage. Blistering or sagging floors, spongy flooring, and cracked linoleum are signs that termites may be feeding off a home. Cracks on interior walls can be indicative of termites feeding off the cellulose of wood in a home. Cracks on ceilings and cornices can mean termites have decided to make a meal of these features of the home.


By calling a qualified termite control company in San Diego, a homeowner can reclaim his home from termites. While termites are not known to carry disease, they can create defects in a home that allow disease-carrying insects to inhabit a home.



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