LEED Certification is the Seal of Compliance

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Landscaping

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There are many factors of importance in regards to projects of building, construction and design. One of the most important factors is that the project adheres to certain levels of respect and acknowledgement of safety to the environment. This is important for many different reasons but most importantly because there is a dire need to preserve what’s left of the safety of the environment. The ability to complete a quality project and not diminish the quality of the surroundings is a great accomplishment that can yield wonderful long term results. The beauty of the design or project is an accomplishment to be enjoyed as well as the joy of knowing that extra measures were exercised to protect the environment. To become LEED certified presents a dynamic tool that denotes these compliances in several different areas.

The Ratings that Rank

The avenues of the projects or jobs carried out are ranked in order to receive LEED certification. The process consists of a group of five separate systems of which the core is ranked for a variety of projects. Those buildings or dwellings that are under new construction phases or experiencing a large renovation phase adheres to the building design and construction rating system. Any project that attains the interior aspect of design in its entirety is subject to the interior design and construction ratings. There is also a rating system that insures those projects that need a bit of a facelift with possibly no need for construction are still in line with enviro compliance. This type of project is rated under building operations and maintenance. Land development or redevelopment for residential and non-residential are ranked with the neighborhood development system. In addition to all of the above, homes that are LEED certified fall under the homes category of the rating system.

The Point System

Once the project has declared a certain rating category, it obtains points by adhering to certain requirements indicated beneath the umbrella of their category. Of course, there is a strong desire to rank as highly as possible. Therefore, the project manager or leaders will typically strive very hard to meet the necessary point value to rate with a high point value. It is important to many people that the environment is acknowledged and protected during the completion of design, building and construction projects. It’s also a way of protecting those individuals who work to help complete the projects and become LEED certified.

LEED certification is a dominant factor in the building, design and construction industry. Wolf Gordon has hands on experience with environmental protection.

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