Reasons to Call a Technician for Sprinkler Repair in Spokane

Reasons to Call a Technician for Sprinkler Repair in Spokane

Residential and commercial sprinkler systems offer property owners an easy way to maintain a healthy lawn or garden without the need for devoting countless hours to watering. Unfortunately, nothing can last forever without adequate maintenance, and sprinkler systems are no exception. Read on to find out about a few common warning signs that Sprinkler Repair in Spokane will be needed before system malfunctions begin to take their toll on an otherwise beautiful landscape.

Dry, Patchy Grass

Grass requires a good deal of water in order to grow and thrive, so if a sprinkler system is no longer delivering an adequate amount of water it will begin to die off surprisingly quickly. Taking action as soon as any patches of dry, dying grass begin to appear can help property owners avoid the need for re-laying their lawns. The most frequent underlying cause of patchy grass is a faulty sprinkler head, which can be easily repaired, so there’s no reason to put off calling a technician who can help.

Soggy Grass

Over-watering can be just as damaging as under-watering, so it’s important to take action if patches of the lawn or garden are beginning to show signs of water saturation. There are a wide variety of underlying issues that can cause this problem, including leaks, rotation issues, and incorrect zone settings. Property owners may want to check the zone settings on their sprinkler systems prior to calling in a repair technician, is this issue is simple enough to be solved without outside help.

Pressure Issues

There are two different kinds of pressure issues that can come up in residential and commercial sprinkler systems, but both of them are equally dire. If water is dribbling out of the sprinkler head it will be unable to reach the majority of the lawn, leaving grass and plants to wither and die. If instead, it is shooting out too fast, it could lead to over-watering and soggy ground that can leave plants to drown. Both of these issues can be caused by faulty valves and regulators, which require professional attention to be resolved.

Get Help Now

Re-laying grass and paying exorbitantly high water bills can cost a fortune, whereas Sprinkler Repair in Spokane is quite affordable. Browse our website for more information today before the problem gets any worse.

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