Questions and Answers About Professional Tree Trimmers and Preventative Care


Storms can cause tree branches to break and fall on roofs, cars, and power lines. Not only does this damaged property, but it can lead to expensive repairs. To prevent large limbs from breaking off during a storm, homeowners should contact experienced Tree Trimmers to cut off dangerous branches. The questions and answers below will give homeowners additional information about preventative tree trimming.

Q.) How often should homeowners have their trees trimmed to keep them from becoming hazardous?

A.) It’s recommended that homeowners have their trees professionally trimmed once every year while the trees are in their dormant stage. However, tree limbs can become damaged by winds, storms, or tree diseases, and any limbs that appear dead or unsafe should be immediately trimmed. Homeowners should also periodically inspect the limbs on their trees to see if they’re getting close to power lines. If so, homeowners shouldn’t waste any time before contacting a professional tree trimmer.

Q.) Should homeowners have young trees pruned by a professional?

A.) Trimming a young tree within its first few years of growth will benefit the tree’s health and appearance. Trees that are one to two years of age should be regularly inspected, and any branches that are broken or diseased should be trimmed off the tree. When a tree is three to four years old, sprouts should be removed as well as a few of the lower branches, narrow limbs, and branches that are touching other branches on the tree.

Q.) What type of tree trimming is normally recommended for mature trees?

A.) As a tree matures, a professional tree trimmer will remove any lower branches that are in the way when people walk under the tree. Some of the higher branches may also need to be removed by professional Tree Trimmers to preserve the shape of the tree. Trees that are consistently trimmed have a better survival rate during stormy and windy weather than trees that have haphazard limbs.

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