Pursuing A Legal Malpractice Law Suit

Pursuing A Legal Malpractice Law Suit

When you engage the professional services of an attorney you are entrusting him or her with something of importance to you. You have every right to expect that the attorney will be competent, professional and responsive. In the greatest majority of cases this is exactly what happens, unfortunately there are times when that is not the case. Filing a claim for negligence on the part of your attorney can be extremely complicated and drawn out. Bear in mind the original issue may still be outstanding, so rather than complicate the issue even further the only solution is for you to hire the best legal malpractice attorneys in Houston, TX to take on your new fight.

Trying to prove legal malpractice is not easy:

Just because your attorney failed to win your case does not constitute legal malpractice. Malpractice can only be claimed under specific circumstances, basically you have to prove that the attorney failed to employ the same skills and care that any other attorney would have done in the same set of circumstances. There are four basic things that you must prove beyond doubt:

* The attorney had a duty to act properly
* The attorney failed to act properly and as such was negligent
* The negligence must have caused you financial damage, and
* The result was a financial loss

You must prove that the attorney in question erred in the way your case was handled and you must be able to show that if this had not been the case, you would have won the case and that you would have been able to get financial compensation from the defendant.

There are a number of common errors that an attorney can make that may constitute legal malpractice. Perhaps the lawyer ceased working on your case, perhaps he or she took it upon themselves to settle without your knowledge or involvement. There are numerous other considerations, if you wish to pursue a case you definitely need seasoned legal malpractice attorneys in Houston, TX to guide your case.

If you have reason to believe your attorney neglected to handle your case with skill, care and diligence and as a result you suffered financial damage you have the right to sue. You are invited to contact Minns & Arnett.

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