Purchasing a Lawn Mower? Here are Three Types to Consider


Picture this – you’ve moved into a new home, settled in and realized that you need to purchase a new mower to care for your recently acclaimed plot of land. You begin to search online for mowers and realize that there are, quite literally, thousands to choose from. How do you determine which lawn mower in Houston best suits your needs? When it comes to purchasing a mower, a lot more depends on the size of your yard, personal taste and how much money you are willing to spend than anything else. Here are three of the most common types of lawn mowers and reasons why you might consider.

Manual Reel-Motors

You are probably thinking to yourself – “Why in the world would I want an old-fashioned lawn mower”? Believe it or not, old fashioned reel motored mowers are regaining their strength in the market and growing in popularity. These mowers have been around since the earlier part of the twentieth century, but haven’t lost much of their appeal or functionality when it comes to lawn care maintenance. More people are opting for reel-motor manual mowers due to the fact that they are smaller, lighter, require little routine maintenance, are more affordable and emit little to no pollutants into the environment. For those looking to add a little charm and to save the planet from further pollution, reel-motor mowers are an efficient and attractive budget-friendly option.

Electric Mowers

For those homeowners who are not too keen on the idea of having an old-fashioned, manual, reel-motor mower, an electric mower may be a more reasonable option. Electric mowers are either corded or battery-operated. While both have distinct advantages and disadvantages, electric mowers are emission-free and fairly easy to use. With one simple click of a button, the motors are revving and ready to tackle any task on hand. While they do need to be recharged, it is a small price to pay for an efficient and fully capable piece of machinery.

Gas Powered Mowers

If you have considered both reel-motor and electric motors and are still not sold on any one in particular, perhaps a gas powered motor is the one for you. Gas powered motors are strong, resilient and easy to maintain. They are easy to use, as well; and provide precision for lawns of all shapes and sizes. There are self-propelled gas powered mowers, as well. These are great for homeowners who may have a bit more land to mow and don’t quite feel like pushing a heavy mower around all day. Gas powered motors are a smart and sensible choice for small, medium and large sized property owners, alike.

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