Decorative Letters Add a Nice Accent in Businesses


Many businesses or practices are finding that lettering, when added properly, displays a nice accent to their walls. That is why you can find a great lettering selection when you review the letters and signs made with acrylic online.

Types of Letter Choices

Not only are acrylic decorative letters durable but they also lend a nice touch to the décor of an office. You can choose from free-standing letters that are about five inches in height or select self-standing acrylic names that are about four inches tall. If you would like to customize your name in acrylic, you can do so as well. Some businesses like to choose tall Plexiglas acrylic letters with their own chosen text to create impressions about their company and brand.


Indeed, the use of acrylic decorative letters can assist a business in striking a positive chord with its customers. For example, you might consider buying tall 3D-type Plexiglass acrylic letters in your company’s name and including its brand message.

Various Colors and Fonts

You can choose decorative letters in clear acrylic or in one of various colors. Therefore, you can be as creative as you like in this respect. You can also choose from various fonts if you are using the lettering for over a door or entryway.

Self-Standing Names

Not only is acrylic lettering sturdy and long-lasting but it is also affordable. Therefore, you can add this lettering in various venues in your organization. You can also use customized acrylic self-standing names for your staff members. Employees like these original nameplates for their desks.


Personalization makes your business more employee- and customer-friendly. That is why you should consider the use of this type of accent when accessorizing your business. You can find out more about this product when you go online and review featured selections. Prices are reasonable and range from around $7.50 to $25.00.

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